Enjoy Healthy Smoking With SmokePass E Cigarette
27.12.2014 17:51

Thanks to rapid progress made in the field of electronics, smokers need not to quit cigarettes to stay away from fatal diseases any more. If you are a frequent smoker and can't think of life without the charm of puff and if your doctor has made smoking strictly prohibited for you, then don't feel depressed since a great alternative is available for you. You can enjoy smoking without inviting risk for your health by substituting real tobacco cigarette with Ecigarette or electric cigarette. Ecigarette or electric cigarette is a gadget designed to provide smokers the same charm that they get while inhaling the vapor of a cigarette, but the smoke emitted by Ecigarette does not cause any harm to health and is hence a perfect substitute for chain smokers. Get more information about atmos orbit dry herb vaporizer

Ecigarette emits a completely tar free, odor free and carbon monoxide free smoke. The smoke that comes out of an E cigarette is complete non combustible, which unlike smoke of tobacco cigarettes, does not bother people around when you enjoy a smoke. The question that might strike your mind is that how could Ecigarette be better than real cigarettes then, since it too emits a smoke. Well, it is better since Ecigarette does not contain any tobacco but gives you the same nicotine satisfaction by converting an e liquid-a mixture of liquid nicotine, glycogen and water into vapor by heating it through an atomizer. The smoke emitted by an electric cigarette is far smoother and lighter than that of tobacco cigarette and since there is no carbon monoxide, it is far better.

Ecigarette looks exactly like original cigarette with a yellow-white combination body but the difference is that the lower yellow part of E cigarette contains a cartridge of e liquid and an atomizer instead of filter in case of real cigarette and the upper white part contains a rechargeable battery instead of tobacco. When you lit an E cigarette it seems like a real cigarette since a red light resembling the fire ion tip of real cigarette glows. Electric Cigarette does not cause bad breathing, does not spread bad smell on your cloth and does not develop yellow spots on your teeth. Moreover, Ecigarette is a cheaper option since a pack of e liquid cartridge lasts quite long and you need not to spend extra money for buying match stick or refilling your lighter. Get more information about atmos 510 power vape mod with power bank

Increasing popularity of Electric Cigarettes across the world has encouraged many electronic product manufacturers to launch their brand of e cigarette and hence there are plenty of options for you. SmokePass is among the most popular brands of premium quality electronic cigarettes in USA these days and hence you can try it.

SmokePass offers its e cigarettes in a variety of packs which include starter kit pack, cartridge pack and disposable. If you are yet to experience e puff or e vapor then opt for a SmokePass starter kit pack which comprises two rechargeable batteries, two cartridges of e liquid, one USB charger and a wall charger adapter. The e liquid is available in two varieties-menthol and tobacco.


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